S@SFO Thoughts on “Let’s Pretend”


Fred Newman and Lenora Fullani have pioneered a radically new idea that we can collectively work together to “solve the education crisis in America” by making kids who currently fail in school to PRETEND to be good learners.

Despite being mired in status quo, a few of us can consciously attempt to influence incremental change at a grassroots level so that we are not ungenerous to the next generation.

We can use Art and Social Therapeutics (“@”) to anchor a Sustainable (S) foundation for ushering in a culture of appreciation and achieve Solution Focused Outcomes (SFO) — in short, S@SFO.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I have sketched the artwork for quickly understanding the essence of this paper.


About satsfo

"S@SFO" is the secret sauce for ROI (Reverse Outsourcing thru Intrapreneurship) mindset http://bit.ly/satsfo S: Sustainability; @: Art & Therapy; SFO: Solution Focused Outcomes (SFO -- resonates with the Bay Area -- a real-estate destination that can be a world of purpose in any zipcode)

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